Mnikolic Investment Technologies
intelligent investment technologies™
Mnikolic Investment Technologies
intelligent investment technologies™
Top 5 features of TrendSuite Institutional:
  1. Mnikolic Investment Technologies's most advanced and accurate trading framework, designed for hedge fund managers and professional investors.
  2. Powered by multiple quantitative and statistical algorithmic frameworks, TrendSuite was conceived, developed, and tested specifically for trend-based setups.
  3. Turnkey solution via automatic trend seeking algorithm: drag and drop on chart, TrendSuite does the rest. Special Modes feature auto-calibrates the algorithm for specific trend trading strategies such as breakouts. For those who prefer more control, the included TrendSuite Mixer add-on gives traders additional input parameters for manually optimizing algorithmic behavior.
  4. Optional, volume-based filter helps traders accumulate and distribute their positions in tandem with key market players.
  5. Includes 2 add-ons: Expert Advisor (autotrading, backtesting, optimization) and Indicator with 5 types of signal alerts: visual (arrow), phone/tablet notifications (iOS, Android), pop-up, audio, and email.
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New Customers:
Your purchase of TrendSuite Institutional includes all future upgrades, free of charge, plus premium membership to the official user community - access to exclusive downloads (add-ons, templates), strategies, and other resources.
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