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intelligent investment technologies™
TradeBuilder is MNikolic's most critically acclaimed software, most notably due to its market edge finding abilities, versatility, and applicability to traders of all experience. It works on the principle of activating and combining integrated indicators (e.g. Moving Average Cross, Volume, Bollinger Bands, MACD etc.), compounding their effects (calculations), and discovering where they align in order to generate a long or short signal. Originally launched in 2009, TradeBuilder's feature set has since steadily expanded to incorporate most conventional, modern, and even proprietary indicators. TradeBuilder is currently available in 3 configurations: Ultimate (used by institutional/professional traders and money managers), Classic (also used by many professionals), and Core. In 2011/12 TradeBuilder was named indicator of the year by a leading forex trading community.
Platform support: TradeStation, MultiCharts
Metatrader 4
Application: Institutional-grade trend-following and scalping strategies
Professional-grade trend-following and scalping strategies
Types of analysis: Technical, Price-Volume, Fundamental, Statistics, Technical, Price-Volume, Fundamental, Statistics, Volatility, Market Breadth
Technical, Price-Volume, Statistics, Volatility
Integrated indicators: 46 (42 + 2 exclusive to TradeStation + 2 exclusive to MultiCharts)
Market filters: 15
Inverse signal toggle (OB/OS Mode): No
Historic Trade Visualization: Yes
Market Outlook module: No
Manual Trading: Yes - visual (color coded dots with connected profit/loss lines), pop-up, audio (customizable), email notifications.
Yes - visual (arrows), pop-up, audio (customizable), phone forwarding (iOS and Android), email notifications.
Automatic trading: Yes - 4 add-ons for Long Entry (LE), Long Exit (LX), Short Entry (SE), and Sort Exit (SX)
Yes - Expert Adviser (EA) add-on
Order Management (auto-trading): Yes - Take Profit, Stop Loss, Trailing Stop
Yes - Take Profit, Stop Loss
Optimization and Backtesting: Yes
Walk-Forward Support: Yes
Preconfigured Settings: Yes - market workspaces.
Yes - market templates.
Signals do not repaint or lag.
Signals do not repaint or lag.

TradeBuilder Core Edition
The third variant, TradeBuilder Core Edition is perfect for Metatrader 4 traders looking for a more basic set of tools. Core incorporates 15 integrated indicators, 4 market filters, limited inverse signal (OB/OS) mode, and same manual trading abilities as TradeBuilder Classic. Learn More

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