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Mnikolic Investment Technologies
intelligent investment technologies™
Top 5 features of TradeBuilder Ultimate:
  1. Our flagship, institutional-grade software, capable of building almost any strategy in the fields of technical, fundamental, price-volume, and even breadth analysis - it can even hybridize multiple fields to increase probability of each signal's success.
  2. Combine and compound up to 44 diverse, multi-disciplinary integrated indicators (210+ configurable options) to discover market edge in each market or chart and create a fully personalized strategy.
  3. Automatically narrow down best performing strategy input values via optimization then use them to build an automated and/or manual trading system.
  4. Apply 15+ filters (derived from momentum, volume, volatility, fundamentals) to reduce market noise and avoid trading during times of consolidation or erratic price action (thrusts, etc.).
  5. TradeBuilder Ultimate never repaints or redraws signals - what you see in the screenshots and other material on this site is representative of actual performance.
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New Customers:
Your purchase of TradeBuilder Ultimate Edition includes all future upgrades, free of charge, plus premium membership to the official user community - access to exclusive downloads (add-ons, templates), strategies, and other resources.
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Existing Customers:
If you already own a TradeBuilder Ultimate Edition license, we encourage you to take advantage of its numerous benefits:
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