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PivotBuilder now incorporates extensibility to the Relative Strength Index oscillator, allowing traders to build pivots on data and indicators other than price action, unlocking potential for sophisticated momentum-driven strategies

PivotBuilder Extensions Ecosystem

The recently-released PivotBuilder 2019 introduced Extensions, a PivotBuilder ecosystem that allows traders to easily extend the framework's powerful pivot-building functionality onto 3rd party add-ons. The release itself included the CCI extension, intended as a blueprint for traders to extend PB onto their own, custom add-ons. To supplement that effort and give traders even more strategy building options, we are now also releasing the PivotBuilder RSI extension - available to all existing and new clients, and bundled with all versions of PivotBuilder.

Above: PivotBuilder (upper half) and PivotBuilder RSI Extension (lower half) on SPDR S&P 500 (NYSE: SPY) 300-tick chart.

Capitalizing on Momentum with PivotBuilder + RSI

As demonstrated by the above screenshot, you can use PivotBuilder to build a trading system based on price action (upper half) or any other add-on - in this case RSI (lower half). All of the options and features that let you customize pivot behavior when attaching PivotBuilder to price are also available when extending it to any other add-on. RSI is a popular and reliable momentum-based oscillator, much of the time - it may get choppy when market action gets volatile but this is where PivotBuilder comes in. The basis of PivotBuilder strategy building is based on interaction of Trigger line and any number of the Pivot lines (being crossed either from above, below, or both). With this approach we can do something we cannot readily do with price alone - trade momentum strength and weakness, when the oscillator enters overbought or oversold zones of its vertical axis. In RSI, these are typically >75 and <25 but we with PivotBuilder we can use any of the dynamically deviated pivots as long/short triggers. An RSI grid style strategy presents ample intraday scalping and swing trading opportunities.

PivotBuilder API: Infinite Possibilities Beyond RSI

We built the PivotBuilder RSI Extension using the PivotBuilder API Function, included as part of the general PivotBuilder Trading Framework. This means as long as you are a PivotBuilder customer, you can use the API yourself to extend PivotBuilder onto any add-on, provided you have access to its source code or function. Technical requirements are minimal since we provide the code that you copy/paste, with only minor modifications to account for the 3rd party add-on you intend on incorporating. Extensions are our major focus with PivotBuilder because of their virtually unlimited number of strategy building and edge finding combinations.

Getting the PivotBuilder RSI Extension

Existing Clients

  • PivotBuilder RSI Extension framework is free to all existing PivotBuilder license holders.
Download PivotBuilder RSI

New Clients

  • If you are interested in purchasing PivotBuilder, please visit the official store page below.
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More Information

All details pertaining to PivotBuilder Personal Trading Suite can be accessed through its dedicated section of the site.

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Marko Nikolic
President & Chief Developer
Friday, May 24, 2019, Toronto, Canada

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