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The 2019 Edition of TrendSuite Institutional introduces Trend Breakout IV, the latest iteration of the framework's trend following mode, now incorporating a powerful, adaptive filter for markedly improved signal accuracy.

Above: TrendSuite Institutional 2019 on USD/CAD 15-minute chart with Trend Breakout IV mode active.

TrendSuite's Trend Breakout IV

Originally introduced in the 2015 Edition of TrendSuite (under the name Breakout Chaser), and expanded in every update since then (renamed to Trend Breakout), this mode is based on an algorithmic framework separate from the regular mode - it is specifically designed to detect and follow trend formation and eventual breakout. Trend Breakout IV adds a new, adaptive filter for improved trend breakout detection. The filter is based on several dimensions of technical analysis (standard deviation studies, rates of change and its derivatives, etc.) ensuring greater validation, which translates to better identification/isolation of premature market movement and hence greater signal accuracy.

The reason we've been focusing on Trend Breakout is due to its popularity with our clients, stemming primarily from its simplicity (single parameter that turns it on or off) and ability to ride hundreds of points worth of underlying trend. The strategy with Trend Breakout has always been to leverage large, trend-following moves spanning hundreds of pips against numerous small loss or break even signals, aiming for overall, long-term profitability. Trend Breakout IV improves on this strategy by limiting the number of losing signals (price thrusts, momentum exhaustion, etc.) around breakouts.

Important: make sure you have at least 5000 historical bars loaded on your charts before using Trend Breakout - the algorithm needs enough statistical data to make a more accurate projection.

Trend Breakout IV works best with volatile pairs, such as EUR/JPY, GBP/AUD, GBP/USD, EUR/AUD, GBP/JPY and fixed price charts (like Renko). M5 or higher time frames are recommended for their tendency to trend, though if pair is volatile enough M1 will perform well too, especially around market opens. If chart is still showing a large number of signals, reduce them by applying the built-in Volume Filter (works with Standard and Trend Breakout modes).

In terms of order management, loose trailing stops are recommended to protect your positions from profit erosion. Alternatively, use a scalping algorithm, like MarketScalper, for exit signals, to close your positions at first signs of momentum erosion or trend weakness.

TrendSuite 2019's Performance

The following screenshots showcase TrendSuite 2019's new Trend Breakout IV trading mode. Recall that our objective is capturing the big moves while cutting losses (realized and potential) to their minimum. Signals and alerts are in sync - in other words, alerts were issued exactly at the same bar where arrow is drawn. Our software never repaints.

Dollar/Yen (USDJPY) 30-minute

Pound/Dollar (GBPUSD) 1-minute

Aussie/Dollar (AUDUSD) 1-minute

Swiss Franc/Yen (CHFJPY) 1-minute

Dollar/Swiss Franc (USDCHF) 5-minute

Pound/Yen (GBPJPY) 15-minute

Euro/Aussie (EURAUD) 30-minute

Euro/Yen (EURJPY) 5-minute

TrendSuite Expert Adviser (EA)

Trend Breakout IV is fully compatible with TrendSuite's Expert Adviser (EA) add-on (also updated to the 2019 specifications) - intended for trade automation, optimization, and parameter testing. More information on purchasing the EA is outlined below. Stop-Loss, Take-Profit, and Trailing Stop should be used to lock-in profit (usually prior to retracement) and minimize losses. Alternatively, you can use signals from a scalping or momentum exhaustion-based indicator, like MarketScalper, to exit positions opened by Trend Breakout as trend strength begins to weaken. All customers who own licenses to, both, MarketScalper and TrendSuite, also have access to a special edition EA that integrates both indicators, allowing you to enter with first and exit with second. If you qualify for this EA but have not received it, let us know - we'll fix it.

Getting the new version

Existing Clients

  • TrendSuite Institutional 2019 Edition is a free upgrade to all existing clients.
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New Customers

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More on Expert Adviser

TrendSuite Expert Adviser (EA) is an optional add-on (+$300) for those wishing to auto-trade, auto-optimize, and back-test (via Strategy Tester) TrendSuite signals. The EA is available for sale to new clients via store. Existing TrendSuite indicator clients wishing to purchase the EA should contact us to get the discounted invoice.

Marko Nikolic
President and Chief Developer
July 19, 2019, Toronto, Canada

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