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Top 5 features of PivotBuilder:
  1. A complete, institutional-grade trading framework used by investment industry professionals. Includes 7 add-ons: Indicator (plotting, visualizing), Signals/ShowMe (visual, pop-up, audio, email), 4x Strategies (LE, LX, SE, SX for testing, optimizing, auto-trading), and Function API (for integrating 3rd party add-ons into PivotBuilder.
  2. Configure up to 8 fully-customizable, highly adaptable price envelopes (pivots) based on your strategy or criteria.
  3. PivotBuilder's versatility enables traders to trade trend (bullish/bearish, intraday/underlying), scalp price momentum/volatility for quick profits, or do both in the same time.
  4. Built-in parameter optimization features (exhaustive and genetic) enable traders to auto-configure best performing settings for any market (stocks, futures, indices, FOREX, CFDs, etc.), time frame, or chart type.
  5. Apply Standard deviation (via price fractioning, volatility, or both), Linear Regression, and volume filtering.
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