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Mnikolic Investment Technologies
intelligent investment technologies™
Top 5 features of Pandora 3x:
  1. Technical trader's ultimate oscillator creation kit, enabling generation of price-derived and indicator-derived rate of change of oscillators
  2. Configure up to 3 fully-customizable oscillator curves whose interaction serves as basis for strategy creation.
  3. Pandora's oscillator rule-building versatility enables traders to trade trend (bullish/bearish, intraday/underlying), scalp price momentum/volatility for quick profits, or do both in the same time.
  4. Each oscillator can be assigned one of 3 functions based either on price or each other: Relative Strength Index, Stochastic Oscillator, Moving Average (Simple, Exponential, Weighted, and Adaptive).
  5. Set-up 2 types of signal-generating line interactions: Oscillator-Horizontal Line Crosses (OHLC) and Oscillator-Oscillator Line Crosses (OOLC). Use LE, LX, SE, SX add-ons to auto-trade, optimize, and test any oscillator/line interaction.
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