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Mnikolic Investment Technologies
intelligent investment technologies™

About us

Headquartered near Toronto's (Canada) financial district, mnikolic (Mnikolic Investment Technologies) was founded in 2009 with 3 primary objectives in mind:

  • To develop original, innovative trading software and services unlike anything else in the market
  • To approach all product development with scientific method in mind
  • To ensure its products are capable of helping users turn profit

Emphasis on innovation

All of the software and services (including publications) you see on are completely original. Others may have tried to replicate our products, but we have never used a third party product as a reference. In fact, all of our products were, and still are, developed from ground up by Marko Nikolic (company's president and chief developer), who originally used them in his own trading endeavors. Our products are versatile, adaptable, and fully customizable because Marko firmly believes that success in trading is measured by one's originality, and correspondingly, their unique tools of trade. If everyone used the same strategy in trading, regardless of how successful it might have been in the past, only traders with fastest order execution technologies would end up profitable. With our software and services, we help you find opportunities in the market invisible to plain sight, and unavailable in other trading solutions.

Scientific product development

Marko Nikolic strongly believes that consistent, quantifiable success in trading and investing is derived from technical analysis and quantitative models, and mathematics behind both disciplines. We don't consider sole use of fundamental analysis because it is often based on lagging indicators (e.g. past quarter reports), gossip, and crowd herding. Our products integrate proprietary technical and quantitative algorithms and models that gauge historical and present price behavior to identify most probable trading opportunities.

The development of our algorithms and models is strictly scientific in nature:

  1. Our chief developer, Marko Nikolic, first proposes a firm and probable hypothesis, most typically an essence of a strategy he himself encountered in trading.
  2. This proposal is then tracked across numerous, diverse markets and measured. If qualified, the strategy is expanded, broken down into smaller components (subroutines), and eventually converted into an algorithm or a model framework that would eventually power a future product.
  3. The final phase is testing and analysis - ensuring that the algorithm works as intended, and that it is capable of yielding profit. If either of these two points are not satisfied, we return to step 1.

Tested for profitability

We value honesty and integrity. Each mnikolic software and service is thoroughly and rigorously tested for profitability before being released. To put it bluntly, we don't sell junk. That is precisely why our products cost several hundred dollars and not ten like many of the listings you see on ebay or other "trading" websites.

Our products are very capable and we proudly stand by their performance, but they are not omnipotent. Do not expect to become wealthy overnight merely by using our products. Trading is a skill that is developed and honed with experience and patience. Our products are capable of helping traders turn profit by identifying opportune trading conditions, but ultimately, it is up to the user to decide what strategies they apply in which manner, and how they manage their orders.

We often receive the question along the lines of "how profitable are your products?". The answer to this is multifaceted, not just because we have many different products, but because each can be applied to a different market, time frame, and strategy. On average, our products have yielded a consistent, combined profitability in the range of 66-72%. If you're looking for a product that is 100% profitable, we do not have it, or think it is conceivable to develop with the complexity that modern markets present. However, if you are serious about trading, and need an aid to help you decipher market bias and identify probable trading opportunities, then welcome to mnikolic.


mnikolic (Mnikolic Investment Technologies) is an official, certified TradeStation Open Platform Developer. See our first party TradeStation forum page.

We're also official, registered developers for MultiCharts, Metatrader, and Ninjatrader platforms.

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