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Brief history of Mnikolic (Mnikolic Investment Technologies)

  • 2010
  • mnikolic (Mnikolic Investment Technologies) is founded under name Build-a-Signal Software.
  • TradeBuilder - Classic Edition, our first software (indicator), is released. Aimed at technical analysts and chartists, TradeBuilder enabled its users to compound numerous integrated indicators without having to manually add them to charts. What was previously a cluttered desktop full of indicators became a chart with clear and simple long/short signals.
  • Shortly after, TradeBuilder - Core Edition is released, a more basic version of Classic aimed at traders with lower budget.
  • Later that summer we released our first scalping software (and what was to become our most successful product) - MarketScalper PRO.
  • 2011
  • Period of 2010-2012 is marked with intensive development and feature adding to each of the 3 original software.
  • Customization of algorithms and strategies offered as premium service to private clients for the first time.
  • 2012
  • PivotBuilder Trading Suite is released, our first TradeStation and MultiCharts software developed from ground-up with pivot traders in mind.
  • Sigma Pivots subscription service goes live, providing traders with key daily pivots (S3, S2, S1, PP, R1, R2, R3) for requested markets. Sigma offered a lower-cost, indicator-free alternative to our pivot-trading framework, PivotBuilder.
  • 2013
  • TrendSuite Institutional is released, featuring an adaptive algorithm specifically designed for trend following strategies. This was our most automated product to date, requiring just three (one primary) user inputs.
  • ChartVPS, our managed VPS services subsidiary goes live. Unlike many other VPS providers, ChartVPS is designed with financial traders in mind, offering industry-leading stability and security, cutting-edge hardware, and full versions of Windows Server at no additional cost.
  • 2014
  • MarketScalper PRO version 10 is released, introducing our first auto-adaptive algorithm. Aside from boosted accuracy over prior versions, v10 required only a single user input (Probability) for its calculations, greatly simplifying its operation and application.
  • mnikolic is one of the first Metatrader developers to offer native MQL4 support for the newly-released build 600+ version of the platform.
  • 2015
  • Trend-Weighted Moving Averrage (TWMA) subscription service is released in TradeStation's TradingApp Store. Unlike established moving average types, TWMA incorporates weighing of trend elements (namely slope, S/R levels, pivots) into its moving average calculations.
  • PivotBuilder v2.0 is released, the most important update to the series featuring rewritten code architecture and a new signal filter, yielding significant improvements to performance (technical and financial).
  • Our official YouTube channel is launched, showcasing product performance across numerous markets, time frames, and strategies.
  • MarketScalper PRO is renamed MarketScalper PRO Suite. MarketScalper Mixer, a more customizable version of MarketScalper becomes part of the suite.
  • TrendSuite v5 is released, the most important update to the series featuring an all-new auto-adaptive algorithm and further-streamlined user input. Older, more input-driven version becomes TrendSuite Mixer, remains part of the software suite for users who prefer manual optimization.
  • All-new store is launched, fully integrated with the main site (universal access). Introduces cleaner, responsive design, compilable software comparison grid, and redesigned loyalty program.
  • 2016
  • Expert Adviser (EA) add-ons for MarketScalper (PRO and Mixer), TrendSuite (Institutional and Mixer), and TradeBuilder - Classic Edition are released. For the first time in our history, users can now automate all trading based on any mnikolic indicator-based strategy. Furthermore, the EAs' optimization feature enables its users to discover best performing input values based on historical performance.
  • User Community Forum, a place where our users interact and share strategies, is redesigned and updated to match the look and feel of our main site. Features responsive design, with design and information automatically formatted to fit any screen size.
  • All software versioning is rebranded to reflect year of release rather than a simple version number - for example, MarketScalper v14 = MarketScalper 2016. Minor releases will be represented by date of their release within that year. This was done to prevent confusion in regards to recency of the latest version of each software.
  • ChartVPS division expands - additional American and European datacenter locations introduced; 3 new VPS plans aimed at intraday and quanitative traders. Site redesigned and upgraded to reflect the expansion.
  • ChartVPS division expands for the second time in 6 months; introduces dedicated server plans on top of existing VPS services. Two new plans offer affordable single CPU (4 core) and dual CPU (8 core) configurations to financial traders and those in need of high-performance hosting services.
  • Pandora 3x trading framework for TradeStation/MultiCharts launched. Pandora is a customizable triple oscillator-generating toolkit capable of producing highly innovative trading strategies.
  • 2017/2018
  • MarketScalper 2017 adds Precision Filter to High Frequency Mode, a user-controlled signal filter that boosts HFT performance.
  • TradeBuilder Classic adds Bulls Power Oscillator, reaching 34 integrated indicators.
  • TrendSuite introduces Trend Breakout II, improving trend breakout strategy performance.
  • Pandora 3x 2017 Edition greatly expands the framework, adding auto-trading and optimization capabilities.
  • PivotBuilder's new ES 8-minute Workspace sets new performance records, backed by Monte Carlo Analysis.
  • ChartVPS, our VPS for traders services company triples in subscribers, representing our fastest growing product.

If you're one of our clients, we wholeheartedly appreciate your loyalty and ongoing support - our growth would not be possible without you.

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